USU Faculty Member Wins 2023 Award for the Advancement of Women Physicians in Military Medicine

Col. (Dr.) Ashley Maranich earns prestigious Military Health System Award for the Advancement of Women Physicians in Military Medicine

Col. (Dr.) Ashley Maranich with the brick facade of USU as a background.
Col. (Dr.) Ashley Maranich, Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences at USU. (Photo credit: Tom Balfour, USU)

February 22, 2023 By Zachary Willis

Uniformed Services University (USU) Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences Col. (Dr.) Ashley Maranich has been awarded the prestigious Military Health System (MHS) award at the 2023 AMSUS Annual Meeting for her contributions to the advancement of the role of women in medicine, leadership, achievements in medicine, and service to both community and professional organizations.

Historically, only women have been eligible to receive the MHS award; however, this year, nominations were opened to any gender. The objective of the award is to advance the cause of women in military medicine and provide role models who will motivate the next generation of female physician leaders.

The award is given to one junior leader and one senior leader per military service branch, with Maranich accepting her award in the Army category. In the Sr. and Jr. Air Force categories respectively, USU associate professors Col. (Dr.) Renee Matos and Maj. (Dr.) Michelle Kiger also received the MHS award, as well as USU alum LCDR Allison Eubanks, who won in the junior Navy category.

“In my mind, this is an award that speaks to a career of achievements,” says Maranich. Speaking to the category of advancing women in medicine, Maranich adds that her position at USU as the Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences in the Office for Student Affairs has given her a unique opportunity to directly mentor medical students as they proceed through the USU curriculum, guiding them through specialty decision making and residency applications.

Col. (Dr.) Ashley Maranich (pictured center left, holding award) accepts an award with others in uniform on each side of the stage.
Col. (Dr.) Ashley Maranich (pictured center left, holding award) accepts the 2023 MHS Award for the 
Advancement of Women Physicians in Military Medicine. (Photo credit: USU photo)

“While I have previously held other educational leadership roles that have allowed me to impact/influence women military physicians,” Maranich says, “working at USU has really expanded my scope of influence exponentially.”

Maranich’s current role supports the professional and personal development of over 250 female USU medical students. In addition, she is also an active member and lecturer for the USU Group on Women in Medicine, and co-organizer for local social events that connect female physicians across USU and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC).

She has won numerous teaching awards, including a selection as the top teacher hospital-wide at Tripler Army Medical Center, and a USU Dean’s Impact Award for student support during COVID, leading faculty and students through significant curricular change.

“When I reflect upon what this award means to me, I think back to two senior Army physicians (Dr. Mary Fairchok and Dr. Beth Ellen Davis) who were pivotal role models for me early in my career,” Maranich says. “I hope that this recognition means that I have been able to carry on their legacy, even if in a small way. And, I am hopeful that this award means that I have been able to have a positive impact on the generation behind me in the same way those women (and others) had on me. I have always said that Army medicine has given me the career I never knew I wanted: the ability to teach, grow, and develop those that will eventually replace me has been the best part of every job I have held in the military.”

The USU alumnae award winners to date are:

2010 - Elizabeth Hofmeister (Navy) (Opthalmology) (SOM 1993)

          - Jennifer Thompson (Navy) (Infectious Disease) (MPH 2000)

2011 - Leslie Knight (AF) (Family Medicine) (SOM 1994)

           - Erica Schwartz (MPH, USPHS/CG) (Preventive Medicine)(MPH 2000)

           - Mary Klote (Army) (Allergy/Immunology)(SOM 1999)

           - Kelly Murray (Army) (Senior MHS Winner) (Family Medicine)(SOM 1992)

2012  - Anne Naclerio (Army) (Senior MHS Winner) (Pediatrics) (SOM 1992)

2013  - Kim Slawinski (AF) (Senior MHS Winner) (Ophthalmology) (SOM 1984)

2014  - Kimberly Davis (Navy) (Ophthalmology) (SOM 1996)

           - Karen O'Brien (Army) (Senior MHS Winner) (Family Medicine) (SOM 1991)

2015 (1)  - Mary C. Nace (Army) (Senior MHS Winner) (OB/GYN) (SOM 1984)

                 - Lauren Wolf (Air Force) (Pediatrics) (SOM 2003)

                 - Patricia Short (Army) (Internal Medicine) (SOM 1999)

2015 (2) – Cristin Mount (Army) (Pulmonology) (SOM 2003)

                - Gail Manos (Navy) (Senior MHS Winner) (Psychiatry) (SOM 1990)

2016 – Irene Rosen (Army) (Senior MHS Winner) (Family Medicine) (SOM 1999)

          - Nicole Powell-Dunford (Army) (Family Medicine/Aerospace Medicine) (SOM 2001)

2017 -  Mary J. Edwards (Army) (Senior Army Winner) (Pediatrics) (SOM 1997)

          -  Paulette (Tucciarone) Cazares (Navy) (Senior Navy Winner) (Psychiatry) (SOM 2004)

          -  Gianna Zeh (Air Force) (Senior Air Force Winner) (Pediatrics) (SOM 1993)

2018 - Regan F. Lyon (Air Force) (Junior Air Force Winner) (Emergency Medicine) (SOM 2010)

          - Sara A. Jager (PHS) (Junior PHS Winner) (Pediatrics) (SOM 2010)

          - Kerry P. Latham (Air Force) (Senior Air Force Winner) (Plastic Surgery) (SOM 2000)

          - Rochelle M. Nolte (PHS) (Senior PHS Winner) (Family Medicine) (SOM 1996)

2019 - Brooke M. Sciuto (Air Force) (Junior Air Force Winner) (Family Medicine) (SOM 2010)  

         - Witzard Seide (PHS) (Junior PHS Winner) (PHS Company Commander, not alum)  

2020 - Kattie Hoy (Air Force)(Junior Air Force Winner) (SOM 2009)

           Pamela Williams (Air Force) (Senior Air Force Winner) (USU Associate Dean for Student Affairs, not alum)

           Bridget Cunningham (Navy) (Junior Navy Winner) (SOM 2008)

2021 - Valerie Castle (Air Force) (Senior Air Force Winner) (MPH 2011)

           Elizabeth Simmons (Army) (Junior Army Winner) (SOM 2010)

           Catherine Kimball-Eayrs (Army) (Senior Army Winner (SOM 1999)